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'Language is like a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity.'
Flaubert: Madame Bovary

'The past is never dead.  It is not even past.'  
William Faulkner

JUNGIAN ANALYSIS is practised by followers of Carl Jung. We are interested in longer term exploration and change; in supporting you in making the most of yourself, in helping you to find out who you are and how to follow your own path. We are interested in dreams and symbols, in metaphor and images to give deeper texture to how we communicate and how we get to know ourselves. We believe that a concept of the numinous is fundamental - although we may each have our individual understanding of that. We meet, once, twice or three times a week within a long term commitment, this gives us an opportunity to get to know one another well and allows me to support and 'hold' you.

I am interested in how we use language to express ourselves. The books we read, poetry; we learn through literature - it has been described as experience without the pain! If our lives were a story, how would we want it to turn out - how do we think it will turn out? What do we read that touches us, makes us stop for a moment - is it pain, recognition, an awareness of something 'other'?

In analysis we aim to find greater satisfaction in life, increased self acceptance and therefore the ability to change the things we want to change. It is about opening ourselves up to a greater potential, finding increased pleasure and peace in ourselves, to allow ourselves to be more choiceful.

PSYCHOTHERAPY is a long term once a week commitment. This gives you the client, and I the therapist the opportunity to look at issues which have deeper roots and because we have made a commitment, we have the opportunity to explore in a trusting environment those things which have been troubling you and holding you back

COUNSELLING is usually taken to mean a short term series of sessions - perhaps around six. The people who benifit from short term counselling are those who basically feel their lives are OK, but something has come up, a bereavment, a relationship issue, anxiety, work stress etc and they can use a bit of support to help them get back on track. Some people come for a few sessions periodically, once a year for instance.


"To remember sometimes is a great sorrow,
but when the remembering has been done,
there comes afterwards a very curious peacefulness. 
Because you have planted your flag on the summit of the sorrow. 
You have climbed it." 

Sebastian Barry


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